Good health is the only true wealth.

Ultimate Health Experience is the most complex and complete lifestyle changing experience based on the results of The China Study, the largest comprehensive American study of human nutrition ever conducted. Join now and be prepared to change your dietary habits for a healthier life.

2017 NEW RETREATS : April 26 – May 3 & May 12-19

Romania, Valea Doftanei, Pensiunea Izvoarele

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Learn and apply the principles of healthy nutrition.


2017 editions will take place in Valea Doftanei, Romania.

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The Experience

We, as humans, are made of body, mind and soul. Emotional imbalance, misinformation and wrong habits and attitudes, are usually behind diseases and illnesses. Recovery can be achieved through several ways, including whole food plant-based diets, daily Yoga, Qigong, mindfulness and meditation. During this exceptional retreat, you will learn how to bring back balance to your life.

Daily schedule

Every activity is envisioned to help you bring back balance into your life, up to the last details. All food will be prepared according to dr. LeAnne Campbell’s recipes, based on the research of T. Colin Campbell, as presented in The China Study.


Special Ceremony

Each day, Farid will lead us in the ancient art and practice of the Chinese tea ceremonies, which are also a part of the Taoist tradition for cultivating health, concentration, mental clarity and meditation. He uses a rare organic growing Oolong tea from the high mountains of Taiwan.

Tea is known to be a rich source of flavonoid antioxidants. However tea also contains a unique amino acid, L-theanine that may modulate aspects of brain function in humans. L-theanine in tea significantly increases activity in the alpha frequency band which indicates that it relaxes the mind without inducing drowsiness.

Tea has been known more than 5000 years. It was used as a medicine and later as a stimulant. Tea activates the nervous system; coffee just increases the heartbeat rate. Tea affects the dopamine release in the brain, and dopamine affects the Alfa waves.Alpha brain waves have electrical frequencies between 8-13 hertz. They are generated in the Thalamus (the brain within the brain). Alpha brain waves are most present in a wakeful state that is characterized by a relaxed and effortless alertness. Alpha states have been described variously as sublime, flying, floating, lightness, peace, and tranquility. Alpha brain waves are not always present. For example, if someone is in deep sleep or in intense anger there are almost no Alpha brain waves.

The beneficial effect of the tea and the associated ceremony is also a type of meditation.Meditation is effortless alertness. It is the normal state of the brain.Meditation has been largely misunderstood. Usually it is mistaken with concentration. Concentration is an effort (while meditation is effortless), which can bring the mind to one-pointedness, which can preserve energy.

Usually we start to brew the first tea with silence. This will continue for a few minutes. The main goal is to be present in the moment by being attentive to the movements, the taste and effect of the tea. A special music will be played as well to calm down the mind. If anyone has questions, it will be a special time dedicated for that also. We try to avoid talking about past or future as much as possible. Avoiding asking personal question about each other during the session helps us to communicate more direct to everyone, not referring to where we come from, what are our life stories and so on. Less identification with our experiences helps us to be more present.
Farid Alipour


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Hotel Alpin, Braşov, România


Phone: + 40 724 588 935 | + 40 799 910 101


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