Filippo is 44 years old, he began studying Yoga and Meditation at age of 23, following the styles of Iyengar and Sivananda Yoga in India, became a teacher in 2006, since then manages the Ishana Yoga Breath of Life, school of Yoga Meditation and Massage at Varkala beach(Kerala), South india. The style of yoga that teaches is a methodology based on the principles of anatomy and physiology, and special attention to the individual’s specific motor requirements. Each lesson is taught in fact following a precise sequence of positions, providing the student with intelligent and detailed instructions. Based on Asthanga Yoga principles and natural Ayurveda and Thai medicine. Filippo often is invited abroad sharing his knowledge with others.


-  Bihar Yoga university, Munger, India(1995 to 1999)
-  International Himalaya Vishwaguru Yoga Institute, Rishikesh, India(2000 to 2004)
-  Iyengar Yoga School, Rishikesh, India(2004 to 2014)
-  Shri Mangal Yoga e Nature Cure Ashram, Rishikesh, India(2005 to 2006)
-  Wat Po traditional medical school, Bangogk, Thailand(2006)
-  Itm International Training Massage school, Chiang Mai, Thailand(2006 to 2015)
-  Tushita Meditatiion Center, Dharamkot, India(2007 to 2014)